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Welcome to Ray Gun Radio, your home for good old fashion Space Opera fun!

Your host, Admiral Rick Copple, along with other officers and red-shirts aboard the space station Selene orbiting Titan will bring you thrilling stories from the ether in audio format. In addition, you'll get interviews with authors and other interesting personalities, round-table discussions, music, and who knows what else.

Ray Gun Radio is a sister production to Ray Gun Revival, the on-line magazine from which our stories are culled. Be sure to check there for other great stories and serials.

So, head over to our podcast page and enjoy the latest stories and fun.

  • Admiral Rick Copple - Host/Director/Producer
  • Captain Taylor Kent - Assistant Producer
  • Captain John Wilkerson - Assistant Producer
  • Steve Forester - Reader
  • Mike Munsil - Reader
  • Scott M. Sandridge - Reader

Header and background adapted from AllSat 20  - hedonism - 2006, by Rick Copple. Saturn and Titan photos courtesy of NASA.